Professor Paul Kennedy

  • Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • Director of the Institute for Global Studies at MMU.

Paul Kennedy is a Visiting Senior Fellow in Sociology and Global Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has taught and researched at The University of Ghana in Accra, at Cape Coast University (also in Ghana), at the Institute for Development Studies at Sussex University, at Southbank Polytechnic and at MMU. He was a founding member of the Global Studies Association in 2000 and acted either as its secretary or chairperson at different times since then.

His books include: Ghanaian Businessmen: from Artisan to Capitalist Entrepreneur in a Dependent Economy (1980), African Capitalism: the Struggle for Ascendancy (1988), Local Lives and Global Transformations: Toward World Society (2010) and Vampire Capitalism, Fractured Societies and Alternative Futures (2017). He also co-edited Globalization and National Identities (2001) with Catherine Danks and Communities Across Borders (2002) with Victor Roudometof.  He co-authored three editions of Global Sociology with Robin Cohen (2000, 2007 and 2013). A fourth massively revised edition is due out in 2020.

Recent research interests include work on green/ethical businesses, transnational professionals and cosmopolitanism among architects working abroad, the social networks and life course changes experienced by young, educated Europeans working in Manchester and the political economy of inter- and intra-national disconnectivity in today’s world.