Global Studies Association of North America

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Deadline extended to June 30

Earth Crisis and the Global Environmental Movement Virtual Conference

August 9 – 13, 2022

Co-hosted by the GSA of North America and the New School Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management (EPSM) and Global Studies programs. This virtual conference welcomes work from a wide range of scholars, scholar-activists, and civil society and social movement organizers focused on global studies and politics, global crises and systemic change, global governance, global political ecology and political economy, global social, environmental and climate justice, and transnational/trans-local social and environmental movements.

This year’s theme aims to foreground progressive, counter-hegemonic, subaltern, and radical approaches to Earth crises, global environmental mobilization, and systemic change. We particularly welcome work that focuses on environmental justice, the Global South, Indigenous and peasant land rights, Black liberation, feminism, decolonizing, food sovereignty, agrarian justice, eco-Marxism, post-capitalism, world-systems ecology, degrowth, post-Extractivism, Queer and Trans rights, and other counter-hegemonic, frontline, and grassroots topics.

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The Global Studies Association (GSA) is a multi-disciplinary scholarly association supported by a group of scholars worldwide who wish to collaborate in order to better understand the vast transformations sweeping across our world.