India’s migrant labour exodus and the missing trade unions

The images of the great Indian migrant exodus are fresh in the memory of the nation. Migrant workers came in droves to Anand Vihar Bus Depot in East Delhi on March 28, 2020, following a rumour that transport is being provided to people travelling to the eastern and central Indian states. They waited patiently with discipline for more than 36 hours and then started walking to their villages.

The unbearable weight of white lies

This is the sort of time when you write and re-write a blog post. Everything seems like the wrong thing to say, but for different reasons; not least that things are moving so fast that a new event could happen at any moment and make a blog post obsolete before it is even published. I wanted to start, then, with one such event, but to try and tie it into something permanent.

Lines of hope! Shattering Lines of Divide in Global Studies

I watch those lines getting longer, hazier and staggering. Families and children walking hundreds of kilometers during the hot Indian summer. Children on the back of worn out parents – their tired piercing eyes lashing out to humanity.

Climate Change Helped Global Cooperation. Will Coronavirus Undermine It?

Climate change and Coronavirus are global problems. The former encouraged global cooperation (although the U.S. has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement) while the latter seems to create “us” versus “them” dynamics among countries. Would Corona-nationalism undermine global cooperation in the future?